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Guitar Lessons in Greater Milwaukee for kids & adults that will get you RESULTS!


Pearl, from Illinois: After only 2 1/2 years of lessons at the Milwaukee Music Academy, 
"She took me from never having touched a guitar in my life to... I'm about to do my first gig in the next couple of months!"
You can have the same great experience with YOUR guitar lessons!

Many aspiring guitarists think...

  • They have to practice for hours a day to get good

  • They just don't have "natural" musical ability, so they can't learn it

  • They've tried guitar lessons in the past and it was really hard, so they must not be "cut out" for it

  • All guitar teachers are basically the same;  so a previous bad experience probably means more bad experiences in the future

  • You have to learn a lot of boring stuff like scales and chords, and do other tedious exercises

We always take special precautions & actions to help stop the spread of any microorganisms, such as sanitizing keyboards, microphones, and other items in our teaching studios that may be shared between students after every lesson.

Guitar Lessons in Greater Milwaukee for kids & adults that will get you RESULTS!

Becoming a great guitar player doesn't have to be difficult or take a long time, and it can be a lot of FUN! 

Perhaps you’ve had guitar lessons in the past, or went on YouTube to find videos with free lessons and tried some other sites to learn how to play. And your frustrations are still there; you still have difficulty playing what you want to play, and you sometimes feel like giving up!!

I Know How You Feel!

I have felt like this too, and so have a lot of aspiring guitarists!

Maybe you've experienced these frustrations…

  • Teachers that can play really well, but they don't do a good job explaining to YOU how to play like they do

  • Guitar teachers who give you all sorts of random things to practice which seem very disorganized and aren't tied together

  • Spending hours practicing scales, but you don't know how to use them or incorporate them into your playing

  • No matter what new things you learn in your lessons, your playing doesn't seem to get any better

  • Hand cramps resulting from bad practice habits

  • Loss of motivation because you feel like you're not getting anywhere with your guitar playing

guitarist in need of help.jpg

These issues are very real and very common, and can keep you from moving forward with your guitar playing.  But the right teacher will help you obliterate these frustrations and quickly get you on the right path! 

Jeff playing guitar - 2.jpg

Jeff S.

"Annie is professional and patient, but also has enthusiasm that is contagious. Annie shows patience, encouragement and has lots of enthusiasm. You can tell she really loves music and wants her students to succeed.  Wish I would have started lessons with her years ago.” 

Fred guitar student_edited.jpg

Fred J.

"Lessons from guitar legend David Shankle is like living the dream. Being taught by a famous rock star, it doesn't get any better than that. I dreamed of playing guitar, and David is making that happen!  He's unbelievable!"

guitar player outdoors.jpg

It's Time For YOU to See Yourself...

  • Fearlessly picking up the guitar and playing with more confidence than you ever thought was possible

  • Enjoying your practice time, knowing how what you practice today ties into the big picture

  • Playing songs that you've always wanted to learn, even songs that seem difficult to play

  • Knowing how even the most simple, basic techniques can be applied to help you play smoother and cleaner - making you sound great!

  • Going into learning a new song with a new level of confidence

  • Having more fun playing guitar than ever before

  • Reaching skill levels that allow you to achieve your goals, motivating you towards further success (because success breeds success)!

Who are the instructors?

Our instructors both have an average review rating of 5 stars on Google!  More importantly, their real-life experience playing and performing all over the world, and years of teaching experience sets them far above their competition!
David Shankle
Vocal coach Annie B.jpg

David Shankle
Former member of the metal band Manowar (1988 to 1995), David played on the epic, certified double-platinum album “The Triumph of Steel,” co-writing 5 songs on that record, and touring all over the world. He set out on his own in 1995 and attended Roosevelt Music University in Chicago to further his guitar studies.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Music specializing in jazz and classical guitar, music theory, and composition. He continues to record and perform live all over the globe, has appeared on over 30 CDs as a guest solo guitarist, has recorded and produced 3 full-length CDs with DSG-David Shankle Group, and is respected by his peers and the industry as one of the top 10 shredders and fastest guitarists in the world.  With 40+ years of playing professionally, and 30+ years of teaching, he uses his expertise to cut off the fat and get down to the quickest ways for his students to become better players, allowing them to excel at a faster pace in almost every genre of music!

Annie "Annie B" Bzdawka
Annie has released 10 original music CDs with her various projects, and has been heard on college and commercial radio stations all across the U.S.  Her Los-Angeles-based alternative rock band Shut Up Marie charted on U.S. commercial airplay charts in 2005, and her most recent Milwaukee-based band toured the U.S. several times from 2014-2017. Notable appearances include various summer concert series & festivals including several years playing Summerfest, numerous television, radio, and press highlights for the band, Annie's feature on the cover of HERLIFE Magazine, and radio airplay all over the state.  Annie has also been hired to co-write and record songs for submission to major label acts, and she's had her songs placed in productions for television and the big screen.  This award-winning producer has served as producer & host of an innovative arts showcase series & her own music festival, and she also served as co-producer and co-host for the North Coast Songwriters Showcase, featuring original artists from the Milwaukee Area and beyond.  Her contagious enthusiasm for playing guitar and seeing her students succeed makes lessons with her exciting, productive, and fun!

Annie is a recent member of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, an exclusive group of very successful music teachers from around the world, who connect each other with the most innovative teaching methods and strategies, helping each instructor in the group to be the best teacher in their respective local areas.  This group also includes vocal coaches and teachers of other instruments.  Special monthly online training provides each teacher with the latest knowledge and tools allowing for the best musical education for their students.  As a member of this elite group, she was chosen to create and present multiple talks on getting gigs and getting paid to the attendees of the organization's annual events in the Chicago Area.

Are You Ready to…

  •  Start learning how to become the guitar player you've always wanted to be, in the shortest amount of time?

  •  Play your favorite songs, or songs you've written YOURSELF, sounding better than ever before?

  •  Play with more confidence and ease, jumping over hurdles and obstacles that used to hold you back?

  •  Learn from teachers who not only know how to play great themselves, but are able to teach YOU how to play great with reliable techniques that are often a lot more simple than you'd think?

  •  Maximize your practice time to get the most out of that time, while still having a lot of fun?

  •  Learn the secrets & techniques used by top guitar players, who sound amazing, yet make everything look easy?

Don't allow your past frustrations keep you from becoming the guitar player you've always wanted to become!  Take the first step towards reaching your musical goals by setting up your FREE intro / trial lesson!

Click on the Link Below to Set Up Your Free Intro/Trial Lesson, or To Get More Info!

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